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We’ve split up the site into different sections to make it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. The main sections are baby, where you’ll find everything for babies, like high chairs and baby bottles. Then you have the toddler section, which has a little overlap with the baby section, for example, high chairs are for both babies and toddlers. But in general the toddler section will contain products that are specifically targeted at 1 year to 3 years. The age range around 10 months to 14 months is considered both baby and toddler depending on who you talk to, so that’s why there’s a little overlap, but in those cases you’ll find the same products in both the baby and the toddler section.

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We’ve then got the gifts and party sections. These are full of creative ideas for gifts and party ideas for boys and girls of all ages. The flagship area of BuzzParent is our toy section. This is the biggest area and it’s jam-packed full of reviews of the very best toys for toddlers, kids and teens. It’s well organized by toy type, so you can browse the toddler toys, tech toys, educational, remote controlled cars and much more.

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Best Remote Control Cars for Girls

Jada Toys Minnie Mouse R/C Vehicle

Little girls love to race cars as much as boys do, but it can be hard to find 'girly' cars. Here, we have rounded up some of the best 'girl's' RC cars for girls of all ages, from toddlers up to teenagers.

Best Remote Control Spider

In this review, we have put together a list of the best remote controlled spiders in order to help you choose the perfect gift for your child.

Best Baby Shower Gift Baskets

baby Basket Five Little Monkeys gift set

Finding the ideal gift for a new born baby can be difficult with so many choices and considerations, especially if you want to make it memorable gift. We have chosen the best gifts for new born babies so you can surely find something everyone will love in this review.

Robot Toys for Toddlers

Robot toy

In this review, we look at the best robot toys for toddlers available, and share with you our top picks.

Best Robot Pets

In this article, we review the best robot pets available in order to help you make the right choice when it comes to buying the perfect robo companion for your little one.

Best Dollhouse for Girls

barbie pink dollhouse mansion

Our review of the best dollhouses available on Amazon now. We have recommendations for any age girl that will enjoy constructing, designing and bulding their dollhouse.

Best Wooden Toy Kitchen

large corner play kitchen

Every toddler loves pretend play. A wooden kitchen is the perfect way to encourage role-playing in young children, and with so many accessories available to go with them, you can really tailor it to your child's interests.

Best LEGO Ninjago Sets

LEGO Ninjago movie playset

LEGO's Ninjago Movie has proven to be a hit with kids of all ages. Here, you will find a review of a range of building kits from the range, ranging from 300 pieces to almost 5000 pieces.

How To Improve Your Kids Karaoke Singing

Everyone loves to sing karaoke, but it can be difficult to sound great. Here we have rounded up some top tips to get you singing like a professional in no time.

Tips on How to Throw a Karaoke Party for Kids 

a girl singing karaoke

Most little girls and boys love to sing, especially at a party. Karaoke-themed parties are always a great idea. There are some great tips how to make a memorable karaoke party for your kid.

Best Punching Bags for Kids

Both boys and girls like to use punching bags and with so many different types of bags, kits, gloves and equipment there is something that is ideal for your child. There is a range of types of punching bags from soft materials to air inflated types to make this a comprehensive review of punching bag kits for kids.

Best Kaleidoscope Toys

colorful kids kaleidoscope toy set of 3

Kaleidoscopes are wonderful past time activity toys for any child. They are a fun way to promote creativity and sence of wonder in kids. This review focuses on many tipes of kaleidoscope toys that will meet the needs of parents and children.

Best Remote Control Shark 2017

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark toy

There are loads of underwater remote controlled flying sharks in this review and children will go wild for them. Kids love this RC toys and spend hours at play both indoors and out, which makes them fun for all the family. We have reviewed some of the best on Amazon to make sure you find the best of the bunch.

Ultimate Guide: Christmas Gifts for Girls

giant plush unicorn

Christmas is a time of giving and children are hard to find gifts for, especially little girls who already have a lot of toys. This in-depth review has a lot of choices and with age ranges to make it easy to find the ideal gift for your child's age.

Ultimate Guide: Christmas Gifts for Boys

glove-controlled drone

Find the right Christmas toy for your children is difficult and when choosing a gift for a boy there are things to consider before purchasing. This ultimate review of boy Christmas gifts will inspire parents and help making a decision a little easier.

7 science kit ideas for kids to do at School

kid science experiment

The best way for kids to truly understand science is to make sure that they have some fun projects to do. These are 7 science kit ideas for kids to do at school that you can put together yourself.

Easy Science kit Experiments for Kids

science tubes with kids

Some science kits and experiments are hard for kids to learn, but there are loads that are great for different age ranges, so having a little insight and some insider info will help make the right choice for your child.

Best Science Kit and Activity websites for kids

science experiment with an explosion

There are loads of different website for learning about science for kids experimenting and in this article we explore some of the best there are and what to look out for.

5 fun science kit experiments for kids to do at home

kid drawing on an Inflatable Ball Activity Kit

Science can be learnt at home and with so many different choices for kids to learn with there is always a science experiment to make the house come to life.

11 Fun Science Experiments and Kits for Kids

3 kids looking into a science microscope

With some many different science experiments and activities for kids there is always one that will be fun for your child. Little ones as well as grown ups love science and with so much fun to be had it is good to make sure your child learns as they grow and with science experiments they surely will.

Remote Control Drift Cars are Cool

homemade rc car

Drifting remote control cars is a great activity to do for both children and adults and with so many different theories on handling and how to race whilst drifting it is no wonder there is always something to read about.

How to Maintain a Remote Control Car

Keliwow rc car engine

Remote controlled cars needs to be looked after and well maintained if they are going to last the test of time. There are some helpful tips for maintaining your RC car and will make the fun last much longer.

Fun Activities to Do With a Remote Control Car

RC buggy riding in sand

Remote control cars are loads of fun and even more so when you add more elements into the joy of driving them. There are some awesome tricks you can do with RC cars and with a little insight you will be pushing the boundaries of what's possible with you RC car toy.

Tips and Tricks for RC Cars

off-road RC car

Learning to choose a RC car that is ideal for your child is important for you and especially with so many out on the market to choose from. This helpful guide will help parents when deciding to buy a toy vehicle that is gonna make their child happy with hours of enjoyment to be had.

How to Build an RC Car From Scratch

yellow LaFerrari Radio Remote Control

Learning to build an RC Car from scratch is a cool activity and something that takes a long time to do and is great for keeping kids entertained for hours. There are loads of facts and helping words of wisdom to help you and your child learn how to make a remote control car from nothing into an awesome toy vehicle.

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