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Everything related to kids products and gear, from clothes to sports gear. The kids section is jam packed full of advice, information and ideas for finding amazing stuff for your kids. Children grow up so fast and they have ever changing needs for various products to help them grow and develop, both mentally and physically. That’s why we’ve created these guides to help you find the very best kids products around. You’ll find all sorts below, from tech for kids, to gadgets and outdoor gear. Whatever it is you are looking to buy for your children, you’ll find help and specific advice tailored to your needs.


Best Power Wheels for Girls

pink Power Wheels Ford Mustang

Girls love to ride on power wheels and with such a huge selection to choose there is something for every little girl. There are over 26 types of power wheel cars, trucks, jeeps and all range in color, size, speed. This is a truly unique review of ride on power wheels for every parent to find the perfect gift for their child.

Best Conversation Starter Cards for Children

Conversation cards Lost and Found

Conversation decks for kids are a great way for them to gain insights into the world around them. This review has some great choices for parents to help bring out the best qualities in their children through conversation cards. These decks are and where made by a charity and have a lot of hidden meaning for helping a child develop.

Best Ukulele Songs for Kids

child playing a ukulele

Children love to listen to musical instruments and even more so learning to play. This is a guide to some of the best songs for the ukulele and with some great tuition they will soon begin singing and playing all their favourite sing-along songs.

Best Remote Control Helicopter for Kids

gp toys rc helicopter

Every little kid wants to remotely control a helicopter. Flying a remote control toy is so much fun, but parents want to pick one that doesn't break after a short time of use. This review has looked at the market and put together some of the best it has to offer. There is a helicopter toy here for every little boy and girl, ranging from mini helicopters to larger types.

Best Bikes for Kids

20 inch blue bike

Every child wants a bike to ride-on and with loads to choose from there is one for every child's age, size and specific needs. We have reviewed over 20 bikes and compared some of the best on the market, so choosing the right bike for your child is easy.

Best Bounce House for Kids 2017

YARD Inflatable Bounce House Obstacl

Children love bounce houses and this is a sure way to get all the family having fun. There are lots of different kinds and with all the choices you are sure to find one you love for everyone to enjoy.

Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids 2017

kid brushing teeth

Every parent struggles with getting their kids to brush their teeth and that's why an electric toothbrush can help solve your problems. We have chosen some innovation toothbrushes that can actively encourage your children to appreciate the art of keeping their teeth clean.

Best Bean Bag Chair for Kids 2017

kid sitting on a orange bean bag chair

Bean bag chairs come in all sorts, shapes and sizes, which is ideal for kids that like to relax, read and enjoy time on their own. These are great for adapting to any situation and no matter how small a space there is always room for a bean bag chair.

Best Ukulele for Kids 2017

ukulele with starter kit

As a parent who enjoys music you would like your kid to also and that's why finding the best ukulele for you kid is top priority. There are loads to choose from and in this comparison review we have picked some of the best and then compared, so your child can start practicing.

Best Musical Instruments for Kids 2017

Girls playing musical instruments

Finding the best musical instruments for your kids can be challenging and as I parent I'm sure you want to make sure you choose the right one for their age a capacity. Here at BuzzParent we have put together some of the best and simplify the buying process.

Best Piano for Kids 2017

kid playing the piano

Finding out how to get the best piano for your kids is not an easy task and with all the variation on the market it's no wonder parents finding it difficult. This is why in this review we have selected some of the best pianos on the market and explained in detail some of the pro's and con's of each, which will make choosing easier for you.

Best Computer Tablets for Kids 2017

blue tablet with Disney cartoon image

Parents and technology don't always mix well and that's why finding the best computer tablets for kids can be a challenge, which is why at BuzzParent we take the hard work out of looking and make deciding easy for you. Here there a loads to choose from and each has been reviewed so you can find the best for your child's needs.

Best Tennis Shoes for Kids 2017

blue tennis shoe

There is a time when your child needs a good pair of tennis shoes to improve their performance on the tennis court and by looking through this comparison article you will find the best on the market for both price and quality.

Pros and Cons of Spanking your Child

Child with his hand in the air written word saying stop

No parent should enjoy spanking their child but sometimes the child can behave terribly, which can cause upset for the whole family. Disciplining a child is important, but is force the best way and is there an appropriate time for spanking? This article will explore this topic and go into the pro's and con's of spanking your child.

Best Water Shoes for Kids 2017

kids black water shoe

There is loads of different pairs of water shoes for children and finding the best is difficult, but here at BuzzParent we aim to simplify the buying process. Whether at the beach, in the pool or tracking along a river there is a pair of water shoes to suit your child's needs.

Improve Your Kids Creativity with the Great Outdoors

kids using a camera outdoors

There are many ways to Improve your kids creativity with the great outdoors and as a parent I'm sure you are well aware of the benefits that come with outdoor pursuits and time spent in nature. There are some awesome alternative ways that you might not have thought of and here at BuzzParent we want you to get you and your family outdoors.

Best Twin Bed for Kids 2017

Kid on a twin bed playing with teddy toys

Maybe your here because it is time for finding a great twin bed. One that will help the transition from being a toddler into a big boy and all grown-up. All kids need to at some stage find their own space and their bed is no different, it's just part of nature some might say.

Best Sneakers for Kids 2017

sneaker with LED lights around the bottom sole

Sneakers are everyday footwear and kids especially love them because of their easy to use slip on style, unlike boots and other type of shoes. 2017 has come and an explosion of possibilities in trendy footwear choice is now up for grabs. There are all types of engineered high-performance sleek treads, but none so special as the sneaker, which is a classic wear-anywhere and gives the user a unique experience either out and about or chilling on the sofa, they suit all purposes with ease everyday use.

Best Bunk Beds for Children 2017

Kids Grey twin bunk bed with stairs

Getting the right bed for your child is one thing, but maybe you have a couple of kids or just want a spare bed for when the sleep overs happen, either way, you’re trying to find the best bunk bed out on the market..

23 Ways to Get Your Kids Outdoors

2 young kids looking through a microscope in a field with flowers

Every parent wants their child to play outdoors and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Sometimes this means buying them some outdoor toy and other times it's just spending time with them outside. In this article we will give some quick an easy suggestions to get your child having a fantastic time outside.

Best Camera For Kids 2017

There is loads of creative ways to get your child interacting with the world around them and through the lenses of a camera is one. There are some well-made cameras for young children to help them find their hidden talents.

Best Kids Soccer Cleats 2017

fluorescent Cleats kids SHoes

Kids of all ages love soccer and that's why finding the best pair of soccer cleats is high priority for certain moms and dads. There are loads of pairs to choose from and in this article we compare and offer some guidance to which are best.

Best Long Johns for Kids 2017

kid wearing black long johns

Sometimes the kids need a pair of long johns and the weather conditions make it a must-have. Whether up a mountain skiing, tracking or just for wearing around the house their is a pair for your child in this review. There is different brands, materials and overall quality in the review, so to suit your budget and personal needs.

Best Youth Football Helmet 2017

12 kids helmets of all colors and styles

Youth helmets are an essential bit of equipment for protecting your child and as a youth playing with high standards they too will want a quality made helmet. In this review we have chosen the best on the market and made a review to find exactly what you and your kid needs.