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Teenagers are the most picky of consumers and they’re always up to date with whats hot and what’s not. For that reason buying for them can be extra tricky. Fortunately we’re here to help with a selection of best for teens guides so you’ll know exactly what to buy for your teen to keep him or her happy.


Best Conversation Starter Cards for Children

Conversation cards Lost and Found

Conversation decks for kids are a great way for them to gain insights into the world around them. This review has some great choices for parents to help bring out the best qualities in their children through conversation cards. These decks are and where made by a charity and have a lot of hidden meaning for helping a child develop.

Best all Terrain Remote Control Cars

RC car Everest-10

There is a time in life when you should get yourself a RC car, one that can handle anything and everything thrown in it's path from rocky terrain, boggy mud swamps all the way to lands and environments like desolate desserts that other cars wouldn't dare to enter.

Best RC Cars for Teens 2017

Ferrari 488 GBT MaistoTech RC Car

There is a time when a teenager wants an RC car and with all the different types finding one for them can be challenging. Here at BuzzParent we thoroughly review the cars and test their abilities to ensure only the best of the bunch make it to the top.

Best Ukulele for Kids 2017

ukulele with starter kit

As a parent who enjoys music you would like your kid to also and that's why finding the best ukulele for you kid is top priority. There are loads to choose from and in this comparison review we have picked some of the best and then compared, so your child can start practicing.

Best Musical Instruments for Kids 2017

Girls playing musical instruments

Finding the best musical instruments for your kids can be challenging and as I parent I'm sure you want to make sure you choose the right one for their age a capacity. Here at BuzzParent we have put together some of the best and simplify the buying process.

Best Drone For Kids 2017

kid drone

Every boy and girl love playing with drones and with so many to choose from, it's no wonder parents find picking a difficult decision. This review simplifies the process and helps you make the right choice based on age, size and ability, so your kid is happy with his new drone.

Best Superhero Birthday Party Ideas


Everybody wants to be a superhero and when there is a birthday party the possibilities are endless with loads of ideas and gift choices. We have put together some of the best and made sure to fit in every last detail so you can plan the party for A - Z.

Hilarious Pie in Face Stories

3 kids playing pie face game

There is a funny story behind every game of Pie face and this short article shares some of the best. With loads of laughs this is a must-watch and read.

Hasbro Pie Face Game

hasbro game image

The pis face game is a new and fun way to get the family together having a great time. With loads of laughs and pies in the face the kids are going to love it.

Best SkateBoard for Kids 2017

black skateboard

These days there are so many to choose from and getting it right first time isn't easy, but I will share my view and review the latest and greatest affordable skateboards and accessories to ensure you make the best choice for your kid.