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There is a time in a kids life when they are ready to handle a remote-controlled toy and if this time is now your child is gonna ecstatic with joy. There is a time when your little boy or girl is wanting to run as fast as he can, jump as high as he can and then drive a remotely controlled toy. With a huge selection on the market the choices are endless and as a parent this can be confusing. There is a difference between products and some offer superior levels of quality. We pride ourselves with testing such toy RC gadgets and love doing so, which is why our best is good enough for most. We are strict with quality, performance and durability, so whichever is the best of the bunch really is the best.

Best Remote Control Boat for Kids 2017

Blue ETTG Tempo RC boat with LCD display on controller

There are loads of different remote controlled boats to choose from in this review and some are fantastic ways to encourage your kids to play by the pool.

Best all Terrain Remote Control Cars

RC car Everest-10

There is a time in life when you should get yourself a RC car, one that can handle anything and everything thrown in it's path from rocky terrain, boggy mud swamps all the way to lands and environments like desolate desserts that other cars wouldn't dare to enter.

Best RC Cars for Teens 2017

Ferrari 488 GBT MaistoTech RC Car

There is a time when a teenager wants an RC car and with all the different types finding one for them can be challenging. Here at BuzzParent we thoroughly review the cars and test their abilities to ensure only the best of the bunch make it to the top.

Best RC Car for 8 to 11 Year Old 2017

Ferrari La RC car

Cars create enjoyment and passion at all ages and this should be no different with your kid. So let’s have a look at the products available and which suits your 8 to 11-year-old.

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